At the beginning of the year, the Belarusian diaspora and the strike committee of “Belaruskali” announced the beginning of collecting signatures for a petition to Yara, asking it to break off cooperation with the Belarusian potash producer until the repression stops. More than 83.5 thousand people have signed the document posted on the portal. The petition has now been submitted to the Norwegian company’s management for consideration.

In the accompanying letter attached to the petition, the authors remind that they have already repeatedly asked Yara to reconsider its cooperation with “Belaruskali”. The letter says that given the ongoing crackdown on the strike committee, Yara’s continued cooperation with the Belarusian company may result in irreparable reputational damage. Nevertheless, not only expert opinions and socio-political motives, but also the will of the citizens of Belarus themselves — through a petition — may serve as justification for breaking off cooperation.

The letter also welcomes the talks between Yara and representatives of the “Belaruskali” strike committee, which took place before the visit of the Norwegian company’s management to Belarus, and hopes that they will be continued in the previously planned format.

The NAM expects a feedback from Yara and hopes that the Norwegian company will hear the voices of the Belarusians from all over the world.