The NAM announces new action to unite supporters of change 

For a year now, the white colour has symbolised the struggle of the Belarusian people for freedom, truth and justice. We marked ourselves with white bracelets on our hands and sheets of white paper in our windows. We took to the streets wearing white clothes and carrying white bouquets to stop violence and lawlessness. White became our colour, the colour of supporters of change. 

It’s time to return white to our cities and news feeds, to fill everything around us with it and dispel the darkness the regime is trying to drag us into. 

The NAM announces an indefinite action #ЦветПротивТьмы (Colour against Darkness), which will once again demonstrate that the supporters of change in Belarus are in the majority and that we will get our way. The campaign website: 

We call on all Belarusians to: 

— wear white clothing and accessories in everyday life, especially on weekends; 

— wear white to work and school on Thursdays 

— that will be our White Thursdays;

 — participate in weekly themed flash mobs;

 — change your social media profile photo to white and post a white picture in your feed with the tag #ЦветПротивТьмы. 

All information about the action is contained on the website, where you can find out about new flash mobs and also share your ideas. In addition the page features a map of Belarus and a “Colour Counter” showing how our actions help rid the country of darkness. 

White is the colour of peace, light and purity. White is the colour of Belarus, “land under white wings”. White is our #ЦветПротивТьмы!