Belarusians of Germany

We are a community of Belarusians living in Germany who joined forces this summer in response to the events that have shaken our homeland. From the first days of the presidential campaign, we have watched with bated breath what is happening and shared our people’s desire for freedom and democracy.

Crisis of trust and preconditions for opening the People’s Embassy

The reason for creating an alternative embassy of the people of the Republic of Belarus was the events after the rigged election of the President of the Republic of Belarus on 9 August 2020 and the outrageous actions of the staff of the official embassy.

The police state created by the usurper in Belarus continues to use unprecedented repression against peaceful demonstrators.

In connection with the terrible events in the country, we have repeatedly appealed to the official embassy of the Republic of Belarus to condemn the illegal seizure of power and violence against the civilian population. After we received no response, we issued a vote of no confidence in the embassy and the Foreign ministry. For us Belarusians in Germany, the official embassy is nothing more than a proxy for the dictator Lukashenko.

Official position of Germany

The Federal Government did not recognize the elections in Belarus as fair and free and Alexandr Lukashenko as the legitimate president. At the beginning of October 2020, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the national leader of Belarus, met with Chancellor Angela Merkel, held talks with Federal Minister Heiko Maas and spoke to members of the Bundestag.

People’s Embassy of Belarus in Germany

The embassy of the people will be an alternative representative of the large Belarusian diaspora in Germany and will serve as a link between the democratic movement in Belarus and German society.

Belarusians in Germany recently set up working groups and two public associations that work in different directions: carrying out solidarity campaigns, working with the press, contacting politicians, helping victims of repression, holding cultural events, etc.

We are already working on strengthening relations between the Belarusian democratic movement and German society, while the official embassy remains just a proxy for Lukashenko’s dictatorial regime.

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Other organizations of Belarusians in Germany: 

Belarusian Association “RAZAM” e.V.

This is a non-profit organization in Germany founded by Belarusians and uniting people in Germany who care about the fate of Belarus. RAZAM is a startup platform for cultural and social projects of importance to Belarus and the Belarusian diaspora. But the main thing is that all members of our association care about the fate of a country in the geographical centre of Europe whose citizens are fighting courageously for the right to determine their own fate.

Cultural Association Belarus South West e.V.

We are KuB – a non-profit organization “Kulturverein Belarus Süd West e.V.”. We are not all Belarusians, but many of us have roots in that country and many other links that connect us to the beautiful country of Belarus. We are all based in southwest Germany and united by our interest in events in Belarus. One of the main goals for us at this stage is to promote freedom and democracy in Belarus.