World Belarus Congress 2020

World Belarus Congress took place on October 31 2020. This was a historical meeting of Belarusians from all over the world. The Congress was held in the format of an online videoconference, consisting of speeches and moderated discussions with the participation of experts who expressed their views on the acute social, political, economic, cultural, humanitarian and other issues of the modern Belarusian society.

World Congress of Belarusians is a global event. For the first time Belarusian diasporas around the world have joined forces to organize a dialogue about the future of their homeland on the online platform. The Congress serves as a forum for discussions on the most urgent issues and developing strategies for overcoming the political crisis in Belarus, restoring networking between Belarusians around the world and building new connections.

One of the many important  topics discussed during  the Congress was the creation of People’s Embassies, as an alternative to the official embassies that have lost the trust of Belarusians and local governments. The main task of the People’s Embassies is to protect the interests of democratic Belarus and Belarusians living abroad. 

The decision to establish People’s Embassies and Information Points was included in the Resolution of the Congress.

Website of World Belarus Congress

Video “People’s Embassies in Diasporas” at the Congress. — Part 27